Colorado Mesa University and Family Health West in Grand Junction have partnered together to help kids with mobility issues move around independently.

"Go, Baby, Go" gives electric cars that have been modified to children who can't move around on their own. Go, Baby, Go was developed in 2012 to provide children with mobility issues the chance to move around as well as socialize, and the program has just taken off.

Seven kids in Grand Junction were recently outfitted with an electric vehicle that also came with a "pit crew" to help modify the vehicle for the individual child. Whatever need they had for the vehicle was taken care of and the vehicle adapted by these "pit crew" members. For some, it as adding CV pipe for more security while others had a button added to make the vehicle move, instead of a pedal.

According to Andrea Goodwin, the program helps these kids:

“By giving them a car that’s adapted specifically for them, it gets them out, they get to go out on the playground and move around at the same pace as the other kids, they get to bump into things, make mistakes and learn from them.”

The program also gives engineering students a chance to see how they could impact society in a meaningful way.

The kids sure seemed to like it.

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