Growing up in Eagle, Colorado, I have fond memories as a child visiting the Glenwood Springs Mall. I bought my first cassette tape, R.E.M.'s New Adventures in Hi-Fi, at the record store there, I got my driver's license there, and I saw my first R-rated movie there, (1999's Deep Blue Sea.)

However, as is the case with many malls across the country, the Glenwood Springs Mall is a sad shell of its former self, known as what many would consider a 'dying mall.'

I stumbled upon footage from four years ago (2018) of a man taking a self-guided tour of the Glenwood Springs Mall which not only brought back great memories but also served as a melancholy reminder of how bad of shape the mall is in these days.

Glenwood Springs Colorado Mall Back in the Day

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Back in the 1990s, the Glenwood Springs Mall was a really fun place to shop. There was a K-Mart, a movie theater, a music store, a pet store, a Radio Shack, and more. However, the Glenwood Springs Mall was not exempt to a trend that has been seen in many malls across the country and suffered the loss of many of its stores.

Glenwood Springs Colorado Mall in 2018

Judging by the video footage taken in 2018, the Glenwood Springs Mall had become what many consider a 'dying mall.'

Most of the stores had closed leaving only a few exceptions including Ross, Famous Footwear, and the driver's license office, to name a few.

However, many of its staples including the movie theater and K-Mart had long since closed.

Take a virtual tour of the Glenwood Springs Mall as it stood back in 2018:

FLASHBACK: What Glenwood Springs Mall Looked Like in 2018

The Glenwood Springs Mall is a sad shell of its former self and was considered to be a ‘dying mall’ even as recently as 2018.

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