I think I just found my new dream home and it's for sale right now.

Amazing On the Inside, Incredible Views On the Outside

This beautiful house at Glade Park is truly amazing in every way from the internal features to the incredible views of the western Colorado landscape.

It Doesn't Look That Big, But...

For a house that doesn't look that big, you've got over 3,600 square feet including four bedrooms and 4 baths, along with three attached garage spaces. On top of that, you've got fabulous landscaping and 36 acres of natural area. You have these incredible views in every direction and there is always the possibility of spotting some wildlife including mountain lions, bears,  deer, and elk.

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Privacy and Seclusion

If you are someone who values their privacy and doesn't like close neighbors, this home fits the bill. When it comes to homes at Glade Park, I always think about the inconvenience of having to drive down to Grand Junction or Fruita, but, somehow, I think when you live in a house like this it's all worth it.

The home, located at 15721 Deer Hill Road at Glade Park is listed on Zillow by Merrite Wyatt and David Bagg with Bray Real Estate. It looks like it's been on the market since April of 2021.

Look Inside This Amazing Glade Park Home With Incredible Views

Take a look inside this amazing home for sale at Glade Park. The property provides plenty of room both on the inside and the outside, along with some incredible views. This house could be yours - or somebody's - for the cool price of $1.25 million.

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