Grand Junction Police Chief Doug Shoemaker has made a statement regarding the George Floyd tragedy and law enforcement, and here's what he has to say.

Doug Shoemaker has been in law enforcement for over 28 years and was sworn in as the Chief of Police for the City of Grand Junction in 2018. He recently posted a statement on Twitter regarding the tragedy in Minnesota. This is what Chief Shoemaker has to say about the murder of George Floyd and law enforcement.

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The Grand Junction Police Chief starts his statement on Twitter by stating that he's had some thoughts stirring and it's time to say some things. He tweeted that he respects any disagreeing opinions, but wanted to speak from his 28+ years of law enforcement experience.

Chief Shoemaker then goes on to say how the death of George Floyd is shocking and could have absolutely been prevented. He stated that law enforcement officials should never treat anyone like this.

The Grand Junction Police Chief tweeted that he's baffled by the 'delay in pursuit of justice' and that the actions of four Minneapolis police officers have affected all of us, so we should be talking about it.

Chief Shoemaker stated that he's proud to be in law enforcement and he's proud of the men and women that he works with.

He said that he's proud, but he's also angry and sad that some join law enforcement to exert power. Chief Shoemaker stated that this is criminal and he doesn't want people like this in law enforcement.

Chief Shoemaker tweeted that if your aim is to feel powerful in the law enforcement profession, it isn't for you. He said law enforcement officials 'must serve with compassion and care for all.'

The Grand Junction Police Chief says force must only be used as a must and to stop the blanket statements of condemnation.

Chief Doug Shoemaker tweeted that he highlights wonderful things from officers across the country. But when he sees something this wrong, it needs to be called out.

The Grand Junction Police Chief closes out his statement regarding the murder of George Floyd and law enforcement by stating that when cops do bad things, cops must call each other out. Chief Doug Shoemaker also tweeted 'we are better than this. Let's be better together.'

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