We have been searching for the Fountain of Youth for centuries, and as it turns out there is one right here in Colorado, though we aren't sure if it is the fountain of youth.

How many "fountains of youth" exist we don't really know, but there's apparently one in Colorado and you can buy water from it for only $5 a gallon. You fill your own bottles, or you can buy bottles on site.

The Wideawake Spring, as it is known, is located in the Arapahoe National Forest at a place called Uncle Charlie's Ranch. In 2001 the water was tested and found to be the "purest water on earth." Without chemicals, additives, or contaminants, the water MUST have amazing healing powers.

According to the Uncle Charlie's website:

The Wideawake spring is guaranteed to have the purest water from an ancient source dated at approximately 30,000 years old. The purest water, untouched by radiation, acid rain, nuclear fallout and trace minute water pollutants that exist in 90% of the world's water resources. The combination of age and purity results in water that has not been subjected to any impurities created by man.

Okay, so the water is pure. So what?

Here's what they say about the Wideawake Spring.

  • Gives you maximum hydration quicker and faster than other water
  • Makes your cells permeable again allowing toxins to be released and nutrients absorbed
  • So clean and refreshing nothing needs to be added

At Uncle Charlie's, not only can you drink from the fountain of youth, you can soak in water from it as well in a rustic horse trough.

Many people have testified of the healing powers of this water, and the folks at Charlie's believe there is something "very special" about this water.  Unfortunately, it's a long way to go for $5 water. I think I'm going to keep on trusting my fortune, and my "youthfulness," to my favorite store brand bottled water.

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