Exactly where does an aging dinosaur journey when she needs some plaster surgery?

If you're the giant green dinosaur in Fruita's Circle Park, you don't have to journey anywhere. The 'doctors' make a house call and come to you.

Fruita's version of the jolly green giant, Grrreta, (or as some call her Greta), is taking advantage of the warmer weather this week to get an extreme dinosaur makeover.

The award winning 'docs' from Calvin Stucco and Stone wouldn't reveal how much surgery they did to make Circle Park's monstrous matriarch look so young. They also wouldn't discuss the secret formula of the anti-aging cream they were applying.

According to Denise and Steve Hight's wonderful book, Legendary Locals of Fruita, the big green dinosaur hasn't always lived in Circle Park nor has her name always been Greta/Grrreta.

In their book, the Hights show the dinosaur, originally called Dinny, resided along Highway 6&50 outside the Dinosaur Store from 1953 until 1990 when she moved to Circle Park.

Whether you call her Dinny, Greta or Grrreta isn't as important as how proud she is to greet you to downtown Fruita.


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