Imagine how cool it would be to find a fossil that is millions of years old.

The McInnis Canyons Conservation Area west of Grand Junction is home to extensive fossils dating back over 150 million years and they are just waiting to be found. Here's a chance for you to go exploring and who knows what you might find.

Colorado Canyons Association and the  Museums of Western Colorado are partnering together for an overnight river-based paleontology expedition along the Colorado River to scout for new fossil locations which may include Colorado's oldest dinosaurs, and possible traces of mammoths and sloths.

Many fossils have been found in Rabbit Valley and Dinosaur Hill, but the Ruby-Horsethief section has largely been unexplored by scientists. This trip is a great opportunity to look for fossils in an area where not many people have looked.

The trip includes two days of rafting, hiking, and exploring. Your meals, transportation, and camping gear are all provided. The cost is $425 for non-museum members. If you are interested you can purchase tickets online. The registration deadline is June 28.

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