Even if you've never picked up a fishing pole before, you should try it on Free Fishing Weekend here in Colorado. This is set up by our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife and it's a great time to try fishing in Colorado on Saturday, June, 6th & Sunday, June 7th.

The fish will be biting all around the state, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new or gives you a reason to throw a line in the water. This fishy weekend is for both residents and nonresident anglers of all ages and skill levels to participate. Plus, it's a tremendous way to see the natural beauty that is all around us in our beautiful home state.

If you're new to fishing you might want to start by visiting the parks and Wildlife website to check out their fishing report that should help you find some fish. There is also a Fishing Atlas that you might find helpful to show you where you can fish. There is also a list of 101 Places to Take a Kid Fishing for Free Fishing Weekend.

Remember this is open to everyone so if you see someone struggling, please try to help them learn how much fun fishing can be. And you might want to check out the video below on "Quick Tips" to set up your rod to catch something.

On Free Fishing Weekend, you won't need a fishing license but all other regulations will be enforced. If you aren't sure about the restrictions and regulations click here.

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