Fly fishing is huge in Colorado and you see people fishing in all sorts of places. People fish from boats, from the shore, and while wading, but we've never seen this before.

This flyfisherman didn't use a boat to get down the Arkansas River, he used an iceberg. Cade Peirce and his wife and kids try to find a different adventure in a different place every weekend, according to ABC7. On this particular adventure near Salida, Cade decided to use nature to help him fly fish and we think it's absolutely genius.

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Watch Cade fly fish while riding an iceberg down a river in Colorado below. According to ABC7, Cade didn't catch any fish while he was on the iceberg, but he did make a memory he'll never forget. We would love to try this out and see how many fish we could catch while riding an iceberg.

We think that the music in this TikTok makes the video even better. The song that Cade's wife put to this video of her husband riding an iceberg while fishing is 'Ride Wit Me' by Nelly. So if you want to take a ride with Cade, looks like you'll have to hop on an iceberg.

Some of the comments on Morgan Peirce's TikTok of her husband, Cade, fishing while riding an iceberg down a river include:

  • Why buy a boat when you got ice?
  • Is it tagged and registered?
  • The most Colorado thing I have seen today
  • Colorado SUP?

According to Morgan Peirce, her husband rode the iceberg for a sold five minutes back to their truck.

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