Tyler has been fishing since he was 5 years old and 20 years later, he still loves it. Tyler has the best fishing buddy ever, Dusty the dog. Meet the Colorado dog who loves fishing just as much as his owner.

Dusty's owner, Tyler, has Aspergers and Dusty is his support animal. Tyler told us that Dusty really helps him out and they both enjoy each other's company. Tyler, Dusty, and his sister live together in Pueblo.

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Tyler got Dusty from an Amish family in Indiana five years ago. He's always wanted a companion to go fishing with him and says that Dusty is the perfect fishing buddy.

Dusty gets very excited about fishing and he can tell when Tyler has a fish on his line. He gets so excited when Tyler catches a fish that starts wagging his tail.

Dusty loves to hold the fish, maybe it's because he sees Tyler getting excited and holding the fish too. He never harms the fish, but just holds them, Dusty the dog is very gentle.

It only makes sense that a dog that's this awesome, loves fishing, and is absolutely adorable would have his own social media. There's an 'Adventures of Dusty' Facebook and Instagram page.

Here are some pictures of the Colorado dog who loves fishing just as much as his owner, Tyler, does.

Colorado Dog Loves Fishing Just As Much As His Owner

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