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While going out on an adventure to find shed antlers can be lots of fun, Colorado Parks and Wildlife are making it very clear that right now is not the time. In fact, on their website, they have lots of information regarding shed hunting, but restrictions are in place on all public lands that are west of I-25 and will remain in place through April 30.

I'm glad they had so much information on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website because I had no idea why they put these restrictions in place and it's done to put less stress on big game animals during a very stressful and vulnerable time of the year for them. Putting stress on these animals can lead to a drop in the number of animals or big game herds.

Because we always want to know, what would be the punishment if someone is found hunting for shed antlers when not allowed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, they could be facing a $50 fee plus $18 surcharge. But they will also put five license suspension points applied to your license renewals. If a person receives 20 points within a five-year period they could be suspended from hunting and fishing for up to five years.

Obviously, these restrictions don't apply to private lands. But remember where we live, you better have permission to be on someone's land.

There is no fee or license needed to go looking for shed antlers. If you are out recreating and find shed antlers, leave them alone, if caught taking them by CPW they won't know if you were there hunting for antlers or not. Just leave them alone until May 1.

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