Anyone who touches a firearm knows to treat it like it is loaded, you always want to be cautious when around guns. And no one knows this better than our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife. This is why it is so surprising to hear that yesterday one person was sent to the hospital after an accidental shooting took place at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northwest Regional Office here in Grand Junction.

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Quick to report the story was KKCO describing that the person shot during the accident that took place was an employee for the Bureau of Land Management who was just doing some training at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife shooting range. It's common for law enforcement agencies including BLM employees to use that range for practice.

More Details on the Shooting at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Office

The accidental shooting took place just after 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 2nd, and the injuries did not appear to be life-threatening. The incident was caused by an accidental discharge of a firearm which made contact with one of the BLM employees.

Safety Measures in Place When the Shooting at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Office Took Place

When any BLM employee is working on their shooting training it is required to have multiple safety officers present at that time. Those safety officers were in place and helped with the accidental shooting just as soon as it took place. The Grand Junction Police Department also arrived and added assistance to the unfortunate incident.

We are wishing nothing but the best and a speedy recovery to the BLM employee that was injured yesterday.

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