For the second time in 7 years, Grand Junction will miss out on a total solar eclipse in the U.S. but there are at least four major cities that are just a plane ride away from Grand Junction for 2024 eclipse viewing.

According to the website, the next total solar eclipse in the United State will happen on April 8, 2024 but this one will be south and very east of Grand Junction.

This next great celestial happening will cut a swath across the country from Texas to Maine, and if what happened this year is any indication, you would be best served to start making your plans sooner rather than later if you hope to see totality.

Of course, you could just get in the car and drive to some place like Texas, Arkansas, or Missouri, but it would be a whole lot quicker to jump on a plane at Grand Junction Regional Airport and fly to one of the major cities in the eclipse path.

Dallas, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Buffalo are all in the path of totality and all would provide the best chance for hotel availability, considering the throngs of people clamoring for a glimpse at history. Besides that,  Buffalo and Cleveland probably look better in the dark anyway.

I'm not sure you can book hotel and flight reservations seven years in advance, but if you want to see the next total eclipse of the sun in the United States you should be making your reservations at the earliest possible time.

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