It would be hard for many Fort Collins residents or those who live around the Colorado city to say they're surprised at the news that another "odd' thing happened on East Mulberry.

I would bet more than 20 "incidents" have happened at, or included, Fort Collins' Waffle House over the last 20 years. Being located right off of I-25, that whole area has seen its fair share of criminal activity; this time around, a suspect decided to hide inside the famous breakfast food chain.

You can't deny that Waffle House has some really good hash browns, but one suspect that was being sought out by Fort Collins Police and the Larimer County Sheriff's Office can say that they're not great for hiding in.

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That fact gets underscored when the suspect was trying to hide out in the ceiling.

9News has the story on how this suspect, on Thursday, May 11, 2023, in an undisclosed disturbance within a vehicle, left the scene of the vehicle and ran into the Waffle House before authorities arrived.

Larimer Sheriff's SWAT & Hostage team (All-County Hazardous Response Team) arrived after being called by the Fort Collins Police since that area is outside of Fort Collins Police's jurisdiction.


As we all know, Waffle House restaurants are not very big; there aren't many places to hide. The suspect apparently got up into the ceiling of the Waffle House, from inside the bathroom. It's not clear what time this incident happened nor how many patrons were in the restaurant at the time.

Reports state that gas was used to get the suspect out of the ceiling, and he was taken into custody.

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