A lot of things have changed about Grand Junction over the years, including businesses that have come and gone. I posted a question on Facebook asking which Grand Junction area businesses you miss the most and this is what you said.


Many of the businesses that were once in Grand Junction that current residents miss the most were restaurants. Some of these include W.W. Peppers, West Side Deli, and The Rain Tree.

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Retail Shops

Other businesses that are no longer in Grand Junction that you miss were once retail shops. Some of these include Toys 'R' Us, Woolworth's, and Sensations.


While former restaurants and retail shops are certainly missed, entertainment-based businesses that were once in Grand Junction are perhaps the most fondly remembered. Some of these places include Hastings, Fun Junction, Aladdin's Castle, and Spin City, to name a few.

According to you, these are the businesses that Grand Junction misses the most in 2022:

Former Grand Junction Businesses We Miss the Most in 2022

According to you, these are the Grand Junction businesses that we miss the most in 2022.

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