There are 13 haunted houses in Colorado that will scare the hell out of you. These five are the scariest of them all. Look if you dare.

The Asylum - Denver

Rated as Denver's number one haunted house, and featured on the Travel Channel. The Asylum will get your scalp tingling, your heart racing and your fear amped. Two levels below the legendary Nightmare Factory, an insane asylum was found. Want to see what;s down there?

Hellscream - Colorado Springs

As one of the top haunted houses in the nation, Hellscream will interrupt your sleep cycle. Created by special effects professionals, Hellscream creates a world where toxic waste has turned people into...what was THAT?

The 13th Floor - Denver

The largest haunted house, and one of the scariest. The 13th Floor was voted as one of the scariest haunted houses by Hauntworld, this one will bring legends to life and scare the heck out of you. Don't go alone.

City of the Dead - Henderson

Located at the Mile High Flea Market, City of the Dead is one of the largest haunted houses around, at over 30,000 square feet. City of the Dead is constantly improving, adding effects and attractions within. Or is it because more souls are left there after visiting. Hmm?

Yes! A haunted corn maze! Oh man, let me in, let me in! At Scream Acres, you walk the maze and pray you can get through it. But you know you won't. The spooks are everywhere in there! Located in Greeley and worth the drive.

There are more, of course, but these five will get your blood pumping, your heart racing and your screams louder! Get scared!

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