Mix 104.3's Local Love is all about Jeff Hazelhurst. This is what inspired Jeff and his family to open a haunted house in Grand Junction.

Jeff Hazelhurst went to high school in Denver and made his way to Grand Junction in 1977. Jeff is a part-owner of a business that's all about animals. He and his family own a business, Crocodile Reef, in Mesa Mall as well as a haunted house that's also in Mesa Mall.

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Jeff says the building where his haunted house is, The Haunted Bayou, is the old Sears building. It's sat dormant for a while, which makes it extra creepy and a perfect place for a haunted house.

The Hazelhurst family has done a few haunted houses over the years and wanted to create a place for people to have fun and escape for a while. Jeff, his wife, and his kid dress up every night because the whole family plays a role in the haunted house.

He didn't want to give away too many surprises at The Haunted Bayou but did tell us that his son's costume includes stilts and a chainsaw. We had to know what the inspiration was behind Jeff's haunted house and this how his family came up with all the different characters and scenes.

Part of what is in The Haunted Bayou is things that scare Jeff and his family. The inspiration behind the maze in the haunted house comes from 'The Shining' and the separate rooms with different characters come from various shows. He says that the ideas really jump out at your once you start laying everything out.

Jeff's two favorite horror movies are 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and the original 'Halloween' -- which is where his son's costume comes from.

Jeff is very thankful and grateful for the support of his family, team members the community.

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