Grand Junction always has great haunted houses and here's a new one that will uphold this local Halloween tradition.

The Nightmare at Old 6 & 50 is being staged at Mesa Mall featuring over 72,000 square feet of scariness. Attractions like the Demon Spiders, The Asylum, The Chamber, and the Paranormal Magician will be giving visitors a frightful thrill. This huge haunted house has over 50 actors and 25 scenes.

Here's what you need to know.

First of all, they are very clear on their website that certain people should not visit this attraction. People who suffer from any of the following conditions probably shouldn't try this.
* asthma
* heart conditions
* seizures
* any type of mental, physical, respiratory, or medical problem

They also warn that the haunted house will be utilizing a number of special effects.
* simulated smoke
* flashing lights
* Lasers
* amplified noise
* simulated danger
* mind games
* simulated fright

As you can imagine, this place is not recommended for kids under the age of 10. There are better Halloween options for the younger set.

The Nightmare is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday through October. General admission tickets are available online for $15.

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