Make sure you get out and enjoy the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival this weekend! Thousands of people will be enjoying all the sweet corn you can eat! This is a great family fun event with fun things to do, here are a few of our favorites.

1. Take part in the Sweet Corn Eating Contest! Adults and Kids who can eat the most sweet corn!

2. Corny Joke Contest -- If you have a corny joke and you have been waiting to share it with other "ears" then this is your big day!

3. Corn Dog Eating Contest -- New this year is the Corn Dog eating contest! Get ready to watch brave adults eat corn dogs as fast as they can in 1 minute!

4. Kids Corn Games -- Kids have a great time winning prizes at the corn fest!

5. Great Music -- This year the corn fest went back to their roots with the music! Great local bands playing all day on stage-get the list here!

This weekend make sure you'll get an earful at the Olathe Sweet Corn Fest!

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