A lot of your Christmas is spent thinking about other people and what they want for. It's time to think about yourself, here are your five essentials for Christmas in Grand Junction.

You get so caught up during Christmas between prepping and traveling and family -- sometimes you forget about yourself. If you'd like to keep your sanity and overall well-being over Christmas, you are going to need these essentials. Notice how I said you and only you?

Booze Me

When I say bottle, I really mean as many bottles from Grand River Vineyards as you need. And with all of your friends and family around, it might be tough to get as much as your favorite stuff as you want. Or it might be tough to deal with them without it. Stash a bottle (or a few) and this way, you know you'll get to indulge in your favorite drink, guaranteed. If you're not into booze, the next one is for you.

Merry Cannabis

There are a few dispensaries near Grand Junction to choose from to ensure you have a Merry Cannabis. If you'd rather not smoke in front of your family, there are lots of options. Just don't share those Caramel Waffles, or that Cannabis Quencher Cherry Limeade with anyone. Because those are yours, and yours alone.

The Heat is On

I never knew how much I needed one until I got one from Walgreen's on Patterson. I can't stand the feeling of being chilled to the bone and Christmas tends to bring the cold with it. Maybe it'll even be a white Christmas? One can only dream. Heating pads are decently priced and your body will thank you.

I'm Only Sleeping

There a lot of excitement (and traveling) during Christmas, which means you could be missing out on one of the most important things -- sleep. My mood, along with everyone else's, shifts in a not-so-great way when I'm tired. Make sure you've got enough sleep to tolerate being around your family for an extended period of time, even if that means taking a nap.

Favoring Food

There is absolutely no guarantee that you'll get a slice of that dessert you've been looking forward to all year. Or a second helping of that dish that you love. You have to plan ahead on this one. Get your own pie from Mihaela's Bakery, or get your own slice, put it on a plate, and stash it away. That piece is yours and you only eat it once a year. Put your name on it, do what you've got to do, but that food is yours.

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