This is an ode to the current state of the vineyards here in the Grand Valley. It's a wine poem, and it's about rhyming wine lines about our Grand Valley vines.

Our Grand Valley vineyards are looking good, really good. I can't wait to go out and drink some wine straight off the vineyard. (Yes I know that's not how it works.) This poem is for you, you beautiful vineyards. You make something so good it made me write a poem.

The Grand Valley buds are breaking out, leafing out
The vine continues to wind, becoming more intertwined
Buds blossom and become more awesome
Because the blossoms turn into grapes and their next shape
Is wine in a bottle, soon to be in my glass, which I enjoy, by the mass
Red or white, sweet or dry, there is no wine, I will not try

I was inspired to write this because of my love for wine. And also the time of the year. We're in the beginning stages of growing wine -- I mean the grapes we use to make wine.

According to the Execute Director of the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board Doug Caskey;

The Grand Valley is about two weeks or more ahead of Delta County and the Front Range. We've got less extreme temperature swings and a longer frost free season. It's also more stable here in the Grand Valley than the Front Range.

We've got a 180 day growing season here in the Grand Valley. That's almost half of the year devoted to making the sweet unearthly nectar -- aka wine. Perhaps the next time I write one of these odes/poems I'll enjoy some, or a bottle, of wine beforehand.

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