What's your type? I'm not asking this to be flirtatious or to inquire about your love life. I just want to know your type, as in your type of wine. If you were a wine, what would you be?

Take this quiz to find out which type of Grand Valley wine you are. The roads you hate, the food you love and your preference in bodies of water, will all determine which type of Grand Valley wine you are.


If you're the red wine type, you'll enjoy the 2016 Merlot from Two Rivers Winery and the 2016 Dry Rose from Grand River Vineyards.


If you're more of the white wine type, try the Apple Blossom from St. Kathryn Cellars and the 2015 Syrah from Two Rivers Winery.

And if you're the 'all of the wine' type, any and all of these wines will do for you.

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