Palisade Peaches are the pride and joy of Western Colorado. No peach compares to the almighty Palisade Peach.

After hearing how perfect they were right now, I decided to try one during the Downtown Farmer's Market in Grand Junction. Watch the video above of me trying a Palisade Peach for the first time, ever.

I saw lots and lots of Palisade Peaches during the Downtown Farmer's Market and I just had to try one. I walked up to Z's Orchard's booth and simply told them that I'd never tried one before. After feeling for the perfect peach, they didn't just give me one, they gave me three. (Which I shared with my coworkers.)

I sat down to indulge and to document if these Palisade Peaches live up to their reputation. Not only did they live up to their reputation, they surpassed it.

As soon as I took a bite this is what came to mind:

Imagine a peach and then make it better than that. That's what a Palisade Peach tastes like.

How is it so juicy?

This is best peach in the entire world.

I ate the entire peach within two minutes of taking the first bite. I'd say that Palisade Peaches are one of my favorite fruits now. Thank you so much to Z's Orchard for giving me a great first experience. You'll be seeing me with a Palisade Peach in hand at the next Downtown Farmer's Market, no doubt.

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