First, the Arby's in Delta, then the Sonic in Clifton and now the Fast Food Robber has robbed rob the Jimmy John's on 12th in Grand Junction.

I've deemed this man the Fast Food Robber because of his love of stealing money and also fast food. On October 14, a man robbed the Arby's in Delta. The suspect was male, 130-140 pounds about 5'6' tall and made off with some cash.

On October 22, a man walked up to the window and demanded cash and a slushy. (I'm not really sure about the slushy part.) Deja vu, right? Well, now the Fast Food Robber has struck again!

On Sunday (Oct. 29) before 11 pm, he walked into the Jimmy John's on 12th and said "give me your money and a #12," which is my personal favorite. The man made off with $300 and one can only hope he also got his delicious Jimmy John's sub. He claimed to have a weapon but a weapon was never seen.

The Grand Junction Police Department has issued a warrant for the arrest of the fast food robber, Michael Marin. He is suspected in the Jimmy John's robbery as well as the Arby's and Sonic robberies as well. I guess robbing fast food joints wasn't as fast, or filling as he thought.

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