Thieves broke into a Colorado laundromat and stole their nonprofit donations. The Colorado laundromat lost $900, about $400 of which were nonprofit donations.

A laundromat in Denver recently started a nonprofit that's all about helping people in need. According to Denver7, Suds of Love is a program that covers the cost of laundry for those who can't afford it. The nonprofit has been doing great and was just started less than two months ago.

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According to James Marquez at Jessica's Laundromat the donations took off after the article about their nonprofit was published. But unfortunately, the Colorado laundromat has had some issues with their nonprofit since then.

James's email was hacked and although hackers didn't get any money, the nonprofit was unable to receive donations for almost two weeks, according to Denver7. Then, this past weekend two people broke into the Colorado laundromat. The thieves stole $900 and this was the first time the business had been broken into.

According to Denver 7, James Marques stated that the incident doesn't make sense and that it just started when the laundromat started giving back. Thieves used a crowbar to break in and even smashed a coin game inside of the Colorado laundromat.

Out of the $900 that was stolen from Jessica's Laundromat, about $400 of that were donations for their nonprofit, Suds of Luv. Although this is a difficult situation that has made the laundromat rethink their profit, they have no plans of stopping.

The incident has brought more people together and fueled the fire, according to James Marquez.


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