While some parts of the country are expecting a bitter cold winter in 2015, the Farmers Almanac says Western Colorado residents can expect another mild winter.

Take it with a grain of salt if you want, but the Farmers Almanac says we should see milder than normal temperatures this winter in Colorado. If it turns out like last year, it is going to be a great winter!

If it's snow you desire, head to the northeast, the great plains, and the upper midwest where it's expected to be cold and snowy.

In the south, the Almanac says wet and chilly for places like Texas and Florida, while the western third of the country will be mild and relatively dry.

Personally, I'm all for mild and dry, so I am hoping that the Almanac's prediction will be spot on.

Of course, it's virtually impossible to know exactly what's going to happen this winter, but the favorable forecast at least gives us optimism for a mild winter. After two consecutive winters featuring long-running inversions, it would be so nice to have a second straight winter of mild --and basically normal Western Colorado temperatures.

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