Only three things in life are certain - life, death, and a ton of festivals in Western Colorado, but what is the best festival this side of the Rocky Mountains?

No question about it, we have a lot of festivals throughout the year in Western Colorado, but do we have more than the other parts of the state -- or in other parts of the country?

The answer is probably not, it just seems that way. And, not that it's a bad thing. Obviously, some are bigger than others, but attendance aside, we wonder what is the best and most popular festival of them all. We could even simply ask the question, what is your favorite festival of the  year?

(Townsquare Media)
(Townsquare Media)

We start in the spring with Southwest Arborfest with trees and chili, and Mike the Headless Chicken Days in Fruita, and the Art and Music Festival in downtown Grand Junction. And then, we pretty much wrap up the festival season with Pork n Hops, Winefest, and Fruita Fall Festival. In between, it feels like non-stop festivals.

Of course, some of these "festivals" are simply one-day events, but still have festival in the name, so we include them in this discussion.It's possible we have forgotten one here or there, but, I think we have all the main ones. And, of course, there are many, many events on the Western Slope that aren't actually festivals and these are not included. We invite you to take our poll and tell us what your favorite festival of the year is in Western Colorado.

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