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I'm the happy dog dad to two pups Koda and Gypsy, I realize that with that responsibility that includes the unpopular parts (picking up dog poop). But you know before you ever get a dog that picking up dog waste is part of the deal. Just like taking them to the Veterinarian if they get sick.

But unfortunately, some dog owners in Palisade have been leaving their dog poop behind and it's created a big mess for Taylor Elementary located at 689 Brentwood Drive.

There was a post made online asking all dog owners to please start picking up after their dogs. As there was dog waste all over the front grass to the school as well as on the playground grass where 350 kids play each day. The waste has been all over kids' shoes and tracked back into the school just making the problem worse. The post was signed with love by the staff and students of Taylor Elementary.

Obviously, this isn't about identifying the people that have been letting their dogs go to the bathroom and track them down. It's just about being courteous to everyone else. Just remember to have doggie bags on their leach and as soon as they go to the bathroom, clear it up. It's really not that difficult.

While hiking on trails I have seen the same issue. In some instances, there will be a bag of waste tied and just left on the trail. C'mon dog owners, we can do better than that. All it takes is one bad dog owner and we all get a bad reputation. So, let's do our part and clean up after our furry family members.

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