Sure you are thankful for that delicious Thanksgiving turkey, but do you really want to know where it came from?

Most of us will be enjoying turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and all the fixin's without even a thought about the bird's home life, its upbringing, and where it grew up. However, for those that do want to know about such things, there may soon be a way to know everything about the turkey you could ever want to know.

While you may not be able to find any information about the turkey's siblings or its biological parents, according to the Durango Herald, it looks like the day is coming when you can find out where the bird was raised, see photos of the farm, and read a message from the farmer.

Tracing a turkey's history is currently being tested in Texas markets. The system allows buyers to find a code on the turkey label, enter it on the Honeysuckle website, and find out exactly where the turkey was born and raised.

Honeysuckle White products are widely available in the Grand Valley at Walmart and City Market, and so turkey traceability could be coming to our local stores.

For me, I don't want to know. Before I give thanks on Thanksgiving Day, I don't want to see pictures of live forlorn-looking turkeys, and I don't want to see the farm where they are raised. I don't need to feel any personal attachment to what I'm about to eat.

When I'm enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner, all I want to think about is how yummy delicious the gravy-slathered turkey is. The last thing I want in my mind is the picture of where this thing used to live.

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