It wasn't just the City of Denver and Colorado Governor Jared Polis but more than fifty individuals, organizations, and industries who were named in a lawsuit filed by ten homeless individuals and the advocacy group Denver Homeless Out Loud. The reason for the lawsuit is because of the clean up of encampments that occurred in Denver so far in 2020.

We got the interesting details from Westword, as the eleven plaintiffs in the case were in the court filing the class-action suit with the U.S. District Court of Colorado alleging that encampment cleanups violated provisions of the Fourth and Fourteenth amendments and other parts of the Colorado Constitution.

The lawsuit goes after many community leaders such as the director of Public Safety, the executive director of the Denver Department of Public Health and Safety, as well as numerous Denver police officers and Colorado state troopers for their involvement in removing the encampments.

Some of the plaintiffs in the case are angry that they had no warning prior to the sweep taking place and that many of their items were supposed to be stored for them but those items seem to have been thrown in the trash.

The lawsuit goes on to say that the plaintiffs want to see the defendants provide restrooms, sanitation services (including trash removal), and hygiene facilities (including handwashing stations) for the plaintiffs.

As you can expect the city and the state are expected to fight all of the complaints made in this lawsuit.

It's crazy to me that this lawsuit is even taking place. It seems like city officials did what was right for the city of Denver, but this isn't up to me. We will see what happens in court as this is going to be a long drawn out fight where the attorneys will end up making way too much money.

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