If size doesn't matter, this 400 square foot micro-home for sale in Delta may be just right for you.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

It's always been said bigger is better, but that isn't necessarily true unless you've got a wife, five kids, 3 dogs, and a guinea pig. If that's the case, this micro-home might make things a little cramped, but if you're a minimalist, you can't go wrong.

A Ton of Benefits In This Micro-Home

There's a lot to like about a 400 square foot home. House cleaning is a snap, you never have to yell across the house, it can't cost that much to heat and cool,  and when you get tired in the evening when you're watching TV you don't have to move to the bedroom - because you're already there. You've got no homeowners association fees, no grass to mow, and no leaves to rake. Talk about low maintenance.

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There's More Than Meets the Eye

On the serious side, there's more to this sale than the 400 square feet of living space. It comes with a detached garage and if you want to build a bigger home and use this micro-home for a mother-in-law suite, that's always an option. For now, when she comes to visit, there is a loft that could be utilized for sleeping.

This is a fairly new home that was built in 2020 and is listed for $183,750.

400 Square Foot Micro Home For Sale In Delta

If you are looking to downsize, check out this micro-home in Delta. With 400 feet of living space, you've got one bathroom, one bedroom, and a detached garage. For under $200,000, you've got everything you need for minimalist living. The home is being presented by Dave Mitchell and brokered by Western Colorado Realty. Let's take a look inside.

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