When Savannah and I first bought our home in Grand Junction we had a few options when it came to garbage and recycling. Being the "frugal" (or cheap) guy that I am my first response without even talking to my wife was to just do the cheaper option. And because I have a happy marriage the real decision was made by my amazing wife who decided it would be best for us to spend the extra $7 per month to have a recycling container as well as our normal garbage container. But now I am finding out our neighbors to the south in Delta county will soon no longer have to pay to recycle items.

The information came from KREX news, regarding the information about the Delta County Board of Directors approving the free recycling for their residents at Double J Recycling located at 21538 Austin Road in Austin, Colorado. Their hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

When Will the Free Recycling Program in Delta County Begin?

The free recycling kicks off on Tuesday, June 1st and includes plastic bottles and containers #1 & #2, paper, cardboard, metals, and glass will all be accepted. If you bring any electronics with a cord or a battery there will be an additional charge to get rid of those items.

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Recycling in Hotchkiss Will Be Ending Soon

The North Fork Transfer Station will end its recycling efforts on Saturday, May 29th. But there will be a new paper and cardboard-only recycling container at the public works building in Cedaredge. If you want to know more about Double J Recycling in Delta county, click here.

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