Any of these houses in Grand Junction will definitely cool you off this summer. Cool down by making a splash at these Grand Junction houses, fully equipped with water to splash in.

There are only two ways to cool down in Grand Junction, one way is to stay inside or to get into some water. Look at these gorgeous Grand Junction houses that I would be happy to swim in. (Because of the heat and also because these houses are beautiful.)

Stocked Pond & Salt Water Pool

4208 Kannah Creek Road  - Whitewater

You had me at stocked pond. These house in Whitewater not only has Kannah Creek close by, but also a pond stocked with fish and a saltwater pool -- with a slide. It'd honestly would be hard to choose which one to go. After you're done swimming, you can just walk on over to the cabana, which has an outdoor bar and kitchen.

Secret Orchard House

333 33 1/2 Road - Palisade

This house reminds me of a secret garden or something, that's why I'm calling it the 'Secret Orchard House.' I love how the house's vines blend in with the trees, and this place is surrounded by peach trees. The salt water pool comes with a pool house, you know, for convenience.I could see myself on a floatie gazing at the endless peach trees.

Wine House with Private Lake

3334 F Road - Clifton

When I say wine house, I don't mean Amy Winehouse, I mean an actual house in the middle of a vineyard. This house comes with 21 acres of vineyard and also a house. The house has a private lake with a outstanding view of Mt. Garfield. I guess you could make a splash in two different ways here. One way is with the wine and other way is with the private lake.

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