There's a well known statement that nice guys finish last. However, there appears to be scientific evidence to the contrary. Is it possible that nice guys can finish first?

There's certain to be a lot of debate over whether, in the grand scheme of life, nice guys (or nice people) really have an advantage over those who aren't.

The problem is, nice is often equated with weakness. Based on this video, niceness is more a function of cooperation than anything else. So, being nice doesn't equate with being a doormat to someone who isn't.

Throw in altrusim, also associated with niceness, and it's not easy to see how, in the 'me' centered society we live in, this could possibly work.

Still, for the nice guys and gals, there appears to be evidence you're on the winning track and you won't have to tread over someone else to get to the finish line.