For the past few weeks, I've heard the term 'vaccine passport' but I'm still trying to understand exactly what it is, what it will look like, and what it's going to mean for those who choose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. While I am not alone in trying to understand what this whole process will look like there were some details in a recent article from The Denver Channel that gave some good information regarding vaccine passports.

Just earlier this week the White House said there will be no federal mandate to have vaccination credentials or certifications in a centralized database. But it sounds like private companies are moving forward with the idea anyway, which would lead me to believe these companies are trying to make money off of people wanting to show proof of their vaccination. But that is just my own guess.

The Ability to Show Proof of Your COVID-19 Vaccine Could Potentially Open Doors

No one knows exactly what kind of possibilities a vaccinated person might be able to have with the potential of showing proof of vaccination at any time. Some think it could allow access to restaurants, events, or venues. But at this point, it is just a guessing game.

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There Are Some States Requiring Vaccinations In Some Areas

In New York specifically, there are some areas that require vaccination if you want to travel there. And it wouldn't shock me to see entire countries adopt these same policies, although only time will tell if vaccine passports will be needed at all.

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