Colorado is on track to have the highest ski-related deaths in more than a decade.

With more snow comes more skiers. That may be partly to blame for the higher-than-normal ski-related deaths this season. Whatever the reason, the death toll on the Colorado slopes is pacing much higher than normal.  So far this season, there have been 10 skier/snowboarder deaths in Colorado.

Of the 10, 4 were backcountry accidents, 2 were killed by avalanches, 3 were heart attacks and 3 deaths caused by a collision.  At nearly the half-way point of the 2018-19 ski season, these totals put Colorado on pace to have around 22 skiing-related deaths this year. If the trend continues it would be the worst since the 2011-12 season in which 22 persons were killed on the slopes.

Skiing can be dangerous. Remember, no matter how skilled you are, never ski terrain above your skill level. Consider taking a backcountry safety class or sharpen your skills with a ski lesson. Always check the weather forecast and avalanche treat before heading out. Never ski or hit the backcountry alone. Don't hit the slopes if you've been drinking or too high.

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