Food is food, right? Not when it comes from Colorado it isn't. From how it's grown, to where it's grown, food from Colorado just tastes better.

Now, maybe I'm a homer, I love my state and I am proud to live here. So, what do you say we take a look at a few foods from Colorado and you decide if we are right? Our very own Western Slope is represented twice!

Palisade Peaches


Known the world over for their juicy delicious taste, Palisade peaches are the best. But one has to wonder how did something this delicious get grown in a desert? It's the soil. And the hard work put in by early settlers like John Harlow, who irrigated his land and started growing this amazing fruit.

Rocky Mountain Oysters


I have to admit, this is something I have never tried, and have no interest in doing so, but those who have said these things have the most amazing taste. Rocky Mountain Oysters, for the uninitiated, are breaded and deep-fried bull testicles. A few other names this delicacy goes by are huevos de Toro, cowboy caviar, and bull fries, to name a few.

Craft Beer

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Colorado is home to over 300 craft breweries, so it's no wonder this is a favorite. On the Western Slope, we all like our craft beer. Kannah Creek Brewery stands out as Colorado's most award-winning brewery. Set up a tour!

Green Chili

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Earlier in the year, you on the Western Slope voted your favorite dish and green chili won the day. The fact that so many create such amazing dishes with green chili it's no wonder it's a favorite statewide. But, no one does green chili like we do.

Olathe Sweet Corn

Zane Mathews

Admit it. Just saying that makes your mouth water. Olathe Sweet sweet corn is the best on planet Earth. And I'm not just saying that because I live here. Just look at how excited Denver gets when the sweet corn arrives in this story from The Denver Channel. The sweet corn festival is in August each year. Don't miss it.

Enjoy these all and let us know what your favorites are!

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