Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) requires fisherman in the state to purchase a fishing license to drop a line in the state's lakes, rivers, and streams. You can earn that fee and more back by fishing in Green Mountain Reservoir.

There is a catch to this offer (no pun intended). CPW is paying only for northern pike caught in Green Mountain Reservoir and the $20 per fish bounty is worth a day or two of your time to help restore the natural balance in the reservoir.

Green Mountain Reservoir Pike Bounty
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The bounty program stems from the illegal introduction of the non-native northern pike. These predatory fish have a negative effect on the trout population. Northern pike is the primary reason CPW did not stock native fish at Green Mountain in 2016.

To claim the cash, you'll need to take the pike caught to the Heeney Marina along with your fishing and driver's license. There is no limit and fish caught can be kept or turned in once verified.

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