In Summit and Eagle Counties lies the Gore mountain range. And some are looking to change the name, but why would they want to do that?

If you check the history pages, you will see that the area is now known as the Gore Range, not to mention Gore Pass and Gore Creek. They are named after an Irishman from the 19th century by the name of Lord St. George Gore.

The Summit Daily recently ran a story about the change and posts a number of reasons why it should be considered.

The reason they are now looking to change the name of the range is the fact that, as a dedicated hunter, Gore, by his account, killed 2,000 buffalo, over 1,600 elk and nearly 200 bears. In a three year period. And while the actual number is unknown, do we really want to continue to recognize someone like that?

Leon Joseph Littlebird, A Navajo descendant who lives in Silverthorne was instrumental in getting the county to consider the change. He is hopeful they will choose something to honor the Utes, who lived in the area long before Gore and his party came through on their bloodthirsty travels.

On Monday, October 9th, a formal meeting will be held by the county to discuss the change, listen to alternative suggestions and, ultimately, present it to the United States Geological Survey board for review submission to their Board of Geographic names.

While more than a year away, the wheels are in motion to make the change.

We will look forward to the new name for the Gore range and associated land areas that also bear that name.

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