For those who are unaware, there are actually six monuments to the Confederacy and the Civil war in the state of Colorado.

The statue in Aspen, at the Pitkin County Courthouse, honors those who fought on both sides of the Civil War. Many locals who fought in the war are buried in the nearby cemetery. One of two monuments on public land.

Southwest of Pueblo, lies Beulah, Colorado. Boasting a population of 900, Beulah was one of the sites the Confederacy identified as rich in gold and worth attempting to overtake so as to have a western route for supplies as well as gold for their war chest.

Here, as in other places, this memorial is here to remember history, not glorify the darker side of it. This one is being considered for removal.

In private cemeteries in Canon City, Pueblo, as well as Evergreen, private monuments are found as well as grave sites for some Coloradoans who fought in the Civil War.

This grave stone in Evergreen was damaged during a battle and was left this way at the request of the family.

Private Cemeteries in Pueblo and Canon City also contain grave markers from the Civil War. Not to glorify it, but to honor and respect those who fought it.

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