A Colorado woman has had enough of porch pirates stealing her packages. The woman is fighting back with decoy boxes full of nastiness for porch pirates.

Christine Hyatt from Colorado Springs has had her packages stolen one too many times by porch pirates. Unfortunately, people stealing packages right off your front porch is a common thing during the holidays. Well, Christine had enough and now she's fighting back with a whole lot of nastiness.

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Christine decided to set up decoy boxes full of nothing but gross things. She started filling up boxes with trash to see if porch pirates would still take them -- and they did. The first box was filled with dirty kitty litter and it was gone within a couple of hours.

The next box she filled up with a bunch of random trash and it worked again. Christine has filled up boxes with things like:

  • Kitty litter
  • Diapers
  • Cigarette butts
  • Fast food containers

She even has a sign that says:

Me: 3 You: O

Stop stealing crap and you won't be dealing with crap.

She used some profanity in her sign, which you can see here. Christine just wants people to leave her stuff alone. The reason behind setting up these nasty decoy boxes is Christine's daughter. Her daughter's medication gets shipped to her house and when it's stolen, they're forced to pay out of pocket for the medication.

I'm sure all of the porch pirates that stole from this house learned a little lesson about taking things that aren't theirs and that it's what's inside the box that counts.

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