Colorado Wildlife seems to be getting tired of winter a little early this year after two examples in the past week of animals coming inside to places they do not belong.

Can you imagine coming home at the end of the day and finding a giant moose walking around in your basement? What about spending a day on the ski slopes in Vail, Colorado, and then coming back to your condo to find a mountain lion running around in the lobby? It's been that kind of week so far.

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Huge Moose Falls Through Breckenridge Colorado Window Well

What do you think your reaction would have been to see that moose standing in your house at the end of the day? From the photo, it looks like the moose may have been downstairs a while with one serious mess to clean up after Colorado Wildlife Officers managed to get the animal back into its natural habitat.

How Did Officers Remove the Moose from a Breckenridge Colorado Basement?

Colorado Wildlife Officers say the moose got too close to the house in Breckenridge and fell into the basement through a large window well that was probably covered in snow at the time. Officers got the large doors open but the moose did not like the idea of climbing the basement stairs. Officers had to tranquilize the animal and scale back its antlers to get it out of the basement.

Mountain Lion Gets Lost in Vail Colorado Condo

On January, 8th, the town of Vail Colorado was buzzing with the sighting of a Mountain Lion who was running around several resorts in the Lionshead area. Police officers were called to the lobby of a condominium in Vail and were able to isolate the animal into a safe space away from the public. The Mountain Lion was discovered to be severely emaciated and was probably looking for food anywhere it could find it.

Sadly the animal had to be euthanized.

In the event you ever see a wild animal in a public place it's a good idea to contact your local police department via the non-emergency number to report a sighting and request assistance. If the animal is a threat to humans then do dial 9-1-1 immediately.

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