"Don't go chasing waterfalls," the song says. But WE say: Why Not?

Go ahead and admit it, you love waterfalls. It's ok, we all do! Sometimes we will stop and just look at a tiny waterfall because we're hooked on 'em. So what we have done is assemble a list of five waterfalls in Colorado that are must see!

Just a short drive from Grand Junction sits the town of Ouray. And nestled in that town lies the Cascade Falls. For the hiker in you, a nice hike up to the top gives you an amazing view of the waterfall as it spills over the edge, and as you can see, from the bottom, all kinds of photo opportunities await!

Seems like there are a number of falls to enjoy in Ouray! The Box Canyon Falls are viewed from an observation deck created to get the most out of your visual enjoyment. Box Canyon opens on Memorial Day. Take a look, then take a trip!

Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park, is an area full of surprises. From lakes to waterfalls and everything in between, Rocky Mountain National Park has to be seen to be believed. To get to the Alberta Falls, it's just a short hike through some amazingly beautiful areas with lakes and waterfalls. Truly a great way to take in the splendor of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy a wonderful waterfall fix!

Bridal Veil Falls are the tallest free falling falls in the state, at just over 365 feet. A pretty easy hike of just over a mile will take you to the top of the falls, where you will see a historic power plant sitting on the top of the falls. Situated in picturesque Telluride, Colorado, this is one trip you really need to take!

By far the most difficult to get to, but oh what a payoff! Beautiful falls, crystal clear water and more beauty than you can imagine, Hanging Lake is one destination EVERYONE wants to see.

There are more waterfalls to see and enjoy, so get out and EXPLORE COLORADO!

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