We all like to get away for a little rest and relaxation, right? Free of the mundane, daily rituals we perform, getting away makes everything a little bit better.

But the cost is always in the way, isn't it? Well, fear not, brave traveler, because we have found five Colorado resorts that are not too expensive, but still give you that restful, out of town for a few days feeling you need. Here, according to Trip Advisor, are the five least expensive resort locations in the state.

Sheraton Mountain Vista Villas-Avon

Nestled in the Beaver Creek/Avon area is this jewel. The Sheraton Mountain Vista Villas are not only beautiful, but less expensive than you would think. From the views to the food to the warmth and caring of the staff, this place is one destination you should put on your list. $132.00 per night.

Holiday Inn-Frisco

Comments on this hotel range from helpful staff to clean rooms to the great restaurant and delicious food, if Frisco is your destination, make this your place to stay. $128.00 per night.

Grand Lodge-Crested Butte

Beautiful views, excellent rooms, and superior service are the hallmarks of this fine hotel. There is so much to do in the area, you may end up staying an extra day or two. And at only $100.00 per night, you can!

Hotel Colorado-Glenwood Springs

One of Colorado's great hotels. Rich in history and nestled in Glenwood Springs, where every view is amazing, you can rest, enjoy wonderful food and with a short walk to the hot springs, you can truly enjoy yourself. $94.00 per night.

Three Rivers Resort-Altamont

The least expensive on our list, but by no means substandard, this hotel has a reputation to uphold. Guests who stay here have said it was an excellent place to stay. And when the guests love it, we know you will too. $85.00 per night.

Check these places out, get out of town, clear your head and have fun!

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