Bridges are supposed to make us feel safe and secure as we cross them, getting us to the other side of where we are going without much thought, really, right?

Not so much when you are looking at crossing one of the world's highest suspension bridges. What bridge might that be?

Hanging 955 feet above the Arkansas river, the Royal Gorge bridge held the distinction of being the world's HIGHEST suspension bridge from 1929 until 2001, when the Liuguanghe bridge in China surpassed it.

It does, however, remain the highest bridge in the United States. In addition to the bridge, located near Canon City, Colo., you can ride to the bottom of the gorge by tram rail. For those who are not faint of heart, a sky coaster named the Royal Rush swings riders over the edge of the canyon, resulting in stomach flipping views!

On one visit several years ago, the bridge had been closed to vehicle traffic, but you were allowed to walk across it. The feeling of the bridge swaying beneath your feet, nearly 1,000 feet above the river was a feeling unequaled. The sway is not normally felt while in a vehicle, but you can certainly get a feel for it walking across!

Since the fire in 2013, that resulted in several attractions being closed, the area has been redone, refortifying the bridge and adding a zip line that crosses the east side of the gorge. For a fun, different family experience, head to the Royal Gorge and prepare to have your breath taken away!

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