I hope your legs are ready for a workout, because they're definitely getting one on the way to this waterfall. Climb 224 steps to see this beautiful Colorado waterfall in person.

Once you're inside South Cheyenne Canyon, you're basically Hercules. Because after you hike 224 stairs to the top of Seven Falls, how could you not feel like Hercules?

This waterfall is in Colorado Springs. It's in a natural box canyon bordered by the 900 feet tall Pillars of Hercules. Feel free to say 'Hercules, Hercules!' when you get to the top.

Just the trip to the top is called 'the grandest mile of scenery.'  Not only is there a giant 181 ft waterfall cascading down the granite canyon -- there's more. There are hiking trails, zip-line tours, gift shops, restaurants and more. 

Watch as the water falls down the granite faces in seven distinct leaps. You're Hercules right now -- you've overcome challenges (all of those stairs) and you've got a certain glow about you.

That could be the sweat or maybe it's because Seven Falls is the only fully lit canyon in the entire world.

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