Here come 100 reasons we love living in Grand Junction and Western Colorado...all our adorable pets!

We asked you to send in photos of your Colorado pets who have really unique names. Today we are going to look at most of the photos that got submitted. Be sure to flip through all of them and see if we can decide which pet has the most unique name.

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How Did These Western Colorado Pets Get Such Unique Names?

Some of the animals on this list below got their names from popular movies, others are named after artists or celebrities, and some are named after camping and hiking gear. As long as your pet seems happy with its name it's all good. Today we will meet Clarice the tarantula, Freedom the horse, and India Paint Brush the cat who was rescued from inside the Colorado National Monument. 

Check Out Photos of 100 Pets with Unique Names Living in Western Colorado

Find the original QOTD by clicking here. You can add your pet's photo to the list and share their unique name or you can send in a photo with our free station app. 

Enjoy these cute animals and their fun names while you take a break and scroll through the ones with the most unique names in Western Colorado.

See Grand Junction Colorado's Adorable Pets Who All Have Unique Names

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