An Uber ride for a 15-year-old girl did not go the way it was supposed to.

The youth had asked her co-workers to arrange an Uber ride for her from work and was using Uberpool, which is a ride-sharing program that allows riders to save money by sharing the ride. Uber says it allows for people to be dropped off along the route, instead of getting dropped off in the order picked up.

Apparently, in this situation, the driver passed right by her home on the way to dropping off another rider, stating he had to drop off in the order picked up.

The driver, Ahmed Muse said his Uber app was malfunctioning and continued to drop off other passengers before taking the young woman to her home.

Once they arrived at her destination, Muse locked the doors and kissed her against her will before releasing her. Jefferson County Police was able to match the driver from the Uber app and he was arrested.

The sheriff's office recommends texting the license and driver information to a friend when taking rides such as this. Uber states you must be at least 18 years of age to order a ride, which is why her co-workers did it for her.

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