Break Break 1-9, this is Orange Toast leading you out here on the highway through a list of hilarious 'truck driver' nicknames made up by YOU.

This morning we started the day making up truck driver nicknames for ourselves as we drove off to work in the Grand Junction. It's fun and easy and we would love to hear what YOUR truck driver nickname ends up being.

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Colorado Drivers Share Funny Truck Driver Nicknames

I've always thought it would be fun to learn how to drive a big 18-wheeler. I don't know if I would want to drive one every day, but then again being out on the open road is something I would not mind. Especially driving through the mountains in Colorado.

Ah, but to be a true truck driver you have to have a handle or a nickname to take with you down the road. Just select the color of an item of clothing you are wearing and pair it with the last thing you ate today. Now, all we need are some more trucker phrases to shout into the CB as we drive to Denver. 

Colorado Drivers Share Hysterical Homemade Truck Driver Nicknames

To create your own 'Truck Driver' nickname simply take the color of an item of clothing you are wearing and combine it with the last thing you ate.

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