If you don't need it NOW, get it online, right? Here's the one thing Colorado folks put in their online shopping carts the most at Walmart.com last year.

What a guessing game you can play with friends and family with this one!

'Is it electronics?' 'No.'

'Is it music?' 'No.'

'Auto?' 'Try again.'

'Cookware?' 'Warmer.'

'Hmmmm... house related?' 'Yes.'

'OOOH! Grills!' 'Colder...'

'Dang it! What is it, already??'

According to Buckrail.com and Walmart  -- the answer is Inflatable Airbed Mattresses.

Sexy, right?

Air bed the camping gear isolated
Getty Images/iStockphoto

I guess we need to have SOMETHING for the visitors to crash on when the visit. Or, you need them to go camping... There are several reasons to make it the TOP seller for Colorado.

I just priced out a queen size one with a built-in pump- not bad! $35 with 2-day shipping!

Rest easy, Centennial State!

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